An Insane Compilation of my Dronies on Adult Swim's OFF THE AIR

I was asked to contribute a bunch of my “dronie” videos for a special new years episode (called NEWNOW) of the late night Adult Swim show OFF THE AIR.

OFF THE AIR is a show that features found footage edited to cool music.  Creator and editor Dave Hughes uses datamoshing to create insane glitchy editing effects.  I was totally blown away by his request to use my footage on the show, and I am absolutely in awe of what he created with my clips.  I couldn’t have dreamed of a cooler way to compile them together!  He picked great music for the compilation too, a new song by Dan Deacon “Change Your Life (You Can Do It)”.

Watch the entire episode above, (it’s only 11 minutes!) I come in a little after 7 minutes.

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