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MALTA: Diving in Gozo

These photos are from diving the Maltese islands of Gozo and Comino in the Mediterranean Sea with Mike from Next Dive and my friend Alex. Diving in Gozo is surreal, the water is so clear and blue that you can see almost forever.  We dove to the deepest depths I had been to (38m), and swam through underwater chimneys and caves.

Diving with Mike was the best, when Mike wasn’t underwater dancing or hiding and popping out from behind rocks, he was above water throwing us off the boat, attempting to get hugs and kisses from us ladies, or taking us out for dinner at one of his favorite Gozo spots.

September 2013

Gozo’s world famous dive site, the Blue Hole.  You can either start or end your dive through this hole to the sea.

A school of barracuda at 38m on our first dive.

Alex and Mike: friends forever.

Fish feeding frenzy at Comino Island

Mike shows off his perfect bouyancy just before we surface up through the blue hole.

View from inside “Mike’s Cave”, deep below in the side of one of Gozo’s sheer cliffs.

Swimming through the Comino Caves

Splashing around the perfect white sand bottom clear blue water at Comino Island.