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I had only been back from Russia for a week, but I already wanted to leave Los Angeles and get outdoors. My friend Mikey wanted to go camping, so we considered the usual spots within a couple of hours of Los Angeles; Joshua Tree, the Angeles Forest, Big Sur. When all of our friends dropped out from going on the trip, we realized that we could go as near or far as we were willing to drive. We became determined to cross the state line and leave California for a few days, and we set our sights on Moab, Utah. We packed my Honda Fit, tossed Gary the dog in the car, and drove Northeast.

I ran all over town the night before the trip to buy a Sony A7S camera from Craigslist. After buying and trying digital camera after digital camera to replace my slow and costly film habit, a bit of research led me to believe that this camera would be the end-all in my quest for the best digital. With just a little VSCO love in Lightroom I am pretty happy with the results.

Chill guy Gary

Moab and Arches National Park

Utah has red rocks

Mikey and Gary day napping.

Arches National Park in Moab

Mikey at Dead Horse Point.

Because flying a drone and walking your dog isn’t allowed in the National Park, we went to Dead Horse Point State Park to drone the sunset.
I got the shot before being told I couldn’t drone there either.

The first thing a nerd with a new Sony A7S wants to shoot is the stars.
We just happened to arrive in Utah at the new moon, and to the brightest stars and clearest Milky Way I’ve ever seen.

A turn on the road leaving Dead Horse point State Park resembles the Colorado River bend at Dead Horse, captured by Furby the Drone.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Another sunset at another of America’s most beautiful parks

Zion National Park