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ARGENTINA: A day on the Tigre Delta

I was introduced to Martin Sabater as someone I absolutely had to meet and hang out with when I visited Buenos Aires. Martin took my friend Jenny and me under his wing, and showed us the best things to do and places to eat in BA, and made me fall in love with the city.  Martin has a tiny boat which lives most of the year in a boat garage just outside the city.  Martin took a day off work to give us a personal tour of  the little islands that make up the region called Tigre, a residential area only accessible by boat.  Tigre is a special place where Martin and his family has visited every summer of his life, and where until recently Martin had a small summer home.  We stopped for lunch at a restaurant on one of the islands, and at one point in the trip I flew my drone from the boat while Martin drove in circles doing boat-donuts (boanuts?).

Photos on Fuji X100T from April 2015

Martin reunited with his boat. 

Martin doing donuts while I fly my drone overhead

Empanada for lunch