Exploring Siberia's Frozen Lake Baikal

Siberia is one of the world's cold-est places in winter, and it is also home to the world's deep-est lake (Note: I am fascinated by all of the world's "-est" places).  In winter this lake, Lake Baikal, freezes over and turns into a Narnia-like landscape of snow and ice. This frozen lake was the main attraction around which my travel friend Alex and I planned our trip to Siberia this past January.   


After traveling with Alex to Antarctica in summer, I felt like I'd be prepared to brave the winter in Siberia.  To see frozen Lake Baikal, we traveling in a comfortably heated 4-wheel-drive SUV with a local driver and guide, but when we drove out on the lake at Kharantsky Island on this lovely, clear morning we were exposed to the -20°F temperature.  I worked quickly to get my drone up in the air to grab photos of this otherworldly icescape.


Cape Khoboy


Khuzhir and Shaman rock