My favorite waterpark: El Vergel in Tijuana, Mexico

This was my second year planning a group trip to the water park Albercas El Vergel in Tijuana, Mexico. This place is quite possibly the happiest (man-made) place on earth. El Vergel is water park with very few rules where you can ride the slides doubles and backwards, where you can guzzle Tecate beer for just a few pesos a can, where you can get yourself a concussion or a dislocated hip, and you can tip the employees to turn the slides back on after closing for “just one more ride”, 5 more times. Oh, and you can fly a drone the entire time and the management will give zero fucks (actually the manager gave me his business card and asked me to send him the video once it was complete). This year my buddy Jeff came to Tijuana, and I’m super lucky that he did.  Jeff got Sanuk to sponsor this trip and Stay Wild Magazine to feature this video that he and I filmed, and he edited.  Jeff is a much better editor than I am, and now I have this video to share (unlike the video that has yet to exist from last years drone and GoPro footage I shot).