Hi, I'm "Wrenee"


My name is Renee Lusano, this website is a diary of my travels and near and far adventures. I am a Northern California native living in the chaotic and creative city of Los Angeles.  I’ve always taken a film camera everywhere I go, although I now also shoot digital. In early 2014 I started flying a drone for fun, and eventually started experimenting with aerial photos and video. My drone, Furby (which has been each and every model of DJI Phantom as is currently a Phantom 4), accompanies me on all of my trips around the world.  In addition to traveling and photography I have a gazillion hobbies; camping, rock climbing, scuba diving, riding mopeds and motorcycles, cooking, learning to surf, and trying out new hair colors.  When I am not traveling I am at home with my miniature Australian shepherd named Gary, my cat named Lisa (an Abyssinian brought back from Moscow), and my boyfriend, photographer Jason MacDonald.


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